Cardinal Communications Introduces Its Client Referral Program!

Despite the rise of social media and online marketing, client referrals are the most valuable and influential form of marketing available. Most businesses overlook referral marketing as an acquisition strategy because they believe they lack the knowledge or ability to effectively influence referrals.


Why Do We Believe In Client Referrals?


When a current client, member of the community, or a professional colleague refers our products and/or services to a friend, family member, or colleague, he or she is implicitly entering into a social contract with both Cardinal Commmunications and the person he or she is referring. Amazingly, this social contract can help with both client retention and client acquisition; thus, we want to recognize the effort and the trust! When a client recommends our products and services, he or she is telling his or her friends that our methods are the best.


We Want to Make it Count! 


Making a referral can feel risky and sometimes a time-consuming process, which puts the reputation on the line of both the person making the referral and us as a company. In essence, the person making the referral is putting his or her social credibility on the line when referring our products and services, so it needs to be worth it!


As a way to say, "Thank You," Cardinal Communications is unveling its Client Referral Program!


When we receive a client referral that converts to a final sale, we will provide a 10% cash award on any product and service that is closed and paid.  For example, if John refers Mike to Cardinal Communications for a website redesign and Mike pays us $1,000, John will receive $100; it's that simple!  But wait, it does not stop there!  If a client referral converts into a monthy subscription contract, the person who made the referral will receive a 10% cash award for each month paid by the client!   


How Does it Work?


It's simple, if we can verify that the referral was made, we will transfer the cash award, via PayPal, to your account within 48 hours of the product or service being paid for.  All we need is a valid email address address and that's it!  Contact us for more information!

Craig Reynolds is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Cardinal Communications, Chief Creative Officer of theFeel You App, Community Ambassador for W.L.J Angel Gowns and proud parent of Cardinal Communications' Pooch Ambassador to Small Business, Rudy.   Contact Usto learn how we can help your small business or non-profit grow and succeed!

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