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Small Business Saturday!

It's Saturday, November 25, 2017, and that means it is Small Business Saturday! Small Business Saturday was an idea created by the credit card giant American Express on November 27, 2010. The campaign launched in order to help small businesses gain additional exposure and to change the way consumers shop within their own community during the holiday season.

Don't Fish in the Toilet!

Whoa, what?! Who fishes in the toilet? Figuratively speaking, far too many small businesses are fishing in the toilet. This needs to stop!

No, YOU Are Not The Best!

Whoa, wait a minute! What kind of title is that you might be asking! All of us have invariably been told by a professional colleague, a team partner, a work partner, a friend, or our significant other, "You are the best!"  In short, you are not...

Collaboration vs Competition

Many of us grew up in a time when we had to consult the Yellow Pages (a huge book that was delivered to your door) to decide which company to use for a service or a product. We also grew up in a time, prior to social media, where word-of-mouth was the most effective and primary way many of us decided whether to purchase services or products, or where to purchase products and services.  The world has changed.

Introducing: Client Referral Program!

Despite the rise of social media and online marketing, client referrals are the most valuable and influential form of marketing available. Most businesses overlook referral marketing as an acquisition strategy because they believe they lack the knowledge or ability to effectively influence referrals.

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